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Worldwide, plastic production continues to rise. To prevent the negative effects of plastic, we simply need to handle plastic materials more carefully. In our current society, we can no longer do without plastic applications, and there’s no need to. Progress is made by handling it cleverly and responsibly.


Based in the Zwolle region, we support small and large businesses in transitioning from new (virgin) plastics to sustainable, circular solutions. What starts with a single test or pilot becomes a sustainable relationship. As an extension of your own innovation department, we work together to find a forward-looking solution for your specific product or application. We do this through testing, research, training, advising, and by leveraging our network. But above all, by simply taking action.


What will change in my products and process? What material should I choose? How do I ensure my people are ready for it? Should I do it alone or together? What partners do I need? Challenge us! There’s no shortage of knowledge, experience, and drive. Together, we make your plastic product future-proof. Future Proof Polymers.



Plastic is an indispensable material. By using plastic responsibly in your product, we contribute to a sustainable world.



Helping businesses make plastic products future-proof.


Core Values


We’re always on the move, seeking better and smarter solutions. We identify issues in businesses and translate them into innovative solutions and tests that we execute together. Especially when the path is not yet paved.



We think beyond just the technology and immerse ourselves in the world of our customers and end-users. We aim for sustainable relationships, where trust is essential.



We have a continuous drive to improve. To advance ourselves, the region, and the planet. Masters in content, excellent in execution.


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The strength of good innovations lies in a strong network. Strengthen your position in the plastic industry by being part of the Polymer Science Park network.

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