About us

PSP is an innovation centre for applied plastics technology. We support companies in developing sustainable and circular plastic products and technologies, ‘Future Proof Polymers‘.




PSP improves and sustains plastic products and chains.

Plastics are the enablers of the sustainable transitions that our society must undergo. However, society demands that producers operate in balance with the Earth’s limits, such as reducing CO2 emissions, increasing the use of renewable sources, and preventing ecological disruption. To maintain the licence to operate in the plastic sector, it is essential to innovate faster and smarter in configuring the plastic value chain. This includes focusing on high-quality recycling, biobased materials, sound product design, and an intelligent organization of the value chain.




PSP is a leading innovation centre in the Netherlands and a meeting place for companies aiming to innovate their plastic products in the European context to make them sustainable and circular. PSP accelerates innovation through Research & Development, Consultancy & Training, and Network & Promotion.



Core Values



The pursuit of improving oneself, others, the region, and the Earth. Being a master in content, service delivery, and the impact of solutions. Activating parties to engage with sustainable polymers while providing support.



Identifying challenges within companies and translating them into innovative solutions and tests that we execute collaboratively. Especially when the path is not yet paved.



Bringing parties together to jointly achieve innovative solutions.




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