Research & Development

Product adjustments resulting from sustainability improvements or innovations always go hand in hand with physical tests. These tests are conducted to ensure quality, assess durability, and perform process controls. We can help you with research & development of your polymer products.


Pioneering in Sustainable Plastics


As pioneers in sustainable plastics, we understand your plastic-related challenges like no other. We can translate these challenges into practical, effective solutions and testing methods. What sets us apart from other companies is our hands-on approach, in-depth expertise, and vision that extends beyond mere test results. Our material experts and process engineers collaborate to comprehensively address plastic issues, from shredding, separating, compounding, and injection moulding to conducting tests. This results in effective solutions.

We also leverage the knowledge of our experts to train your operational staff. Additionally, we are always open to allowing you to observe the process, giving you visibility into the steps towards achieving innovation.


“Together, we take steps towards a sustainable future, with product adjustments and quality tests guiding the way.”


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