Kunststof Podium: Circular Construction

Join us for an inspiring afternoon on Resource Efficiency in Building Structures and Industry Perspectives on Sustainability. The experts will share their expertise and experiences in the field of circular construction and sustainable building practices. How circular is a building, and how can you compare?

From our partners in the X-lives interreg project, Franziska Struck, a scientist at FH Munster will introduce the Resource Efficiency Index for Building Structures. She will be presenting her groundbreaking work on the Resource Efficiency Index developed during her doctoral thesis. Discover the innovative strategies and methodologies aimed at optimizing resource utilization in building construction. Be prepared to gain valuable insights into the future of sustainable and circular architecture.


“I really like the ‘earthquake’ that followed after the materialization of the heat pump was brought to the attention.”


Gijs Hemmink, representing Hanzestrohm, a leading player in the sustainability industry, will captivate you with his engaging talk on the industry’s evolving views on sustainability. He will discuss the shift from a sole focus on energy efficiency, such as LED lighting, heat pumps, and insulation, towards a more comprehensive approach that integrates material use. Gijs will showcase inspiring examples from projects in collaboration with PSP, demonstrating the successful implementation of sustainable practices.


There are opportunities to match with other industry business partners during this event. PSP will inform you about the potential of creating a subproject in the X-lives project.
Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to broaden your knowledge and engage in meaningful discussions with experts in the field. Network with like-minded professionals and exchange ideas that will shape the future of circular construction.


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This event is organised within the Interreg X-Lives project.     

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